Disha Mandaviya

What I can’t say, My pen says it very well!

– Disha Mandaviya

Power of words♥♥

I write to change thoughts of everyone about this life. People feel what’s in this rubbish life and they hate it, But my point is clear that I LOVE MY LIFE✨Seriously!

My therapy is my thoughts🖤 which I express through quotes and poems, and just want all people to enjoy their life, nothing for timepass, but it’s my passion, a eunoia, to make this world too a beautiful one ! 💛

It’s only possible if we seriously think that I HAVE ONE LIFE, GOD IS ALWAYS WITH ME AND AFTER I DIE , I HAVE TO MERGE WITH HIM ONLY! So just do things which makes happy to you, your family, friends, and actually everyone you meet! IT’S A KEY TO FOREVER HAPPINESS!

Everyone likes to be happy, actually I mean No one likes problems which comes in life, but keep in mind LIFE IS A COMBO OF GOOD +BAD THINGS, Bad is not to supress us, but it increase our confidence, gives experience, and makes us strong, IT’S A CHALLENGE.

So I Disha Mandaviya, is here to make everyone’s life better and best just by some thoughts, as THOUGHTS ARE THE ONE WHICH MAKES US OR BREAKS US!

So read them all, see at the positive sides, and remember God always!

Now I will just say , “Close your eyes and Thank God for everything” Say to yourself that I am brave, and I don’t get afraid of some nonsense, I WILL LIVE MY LOVELY LIFE AS I WISH AND KEEP HAPPY TO EVERYONE, MY LIFE IS AWESOME AND WILL ALWAYS BE! 💙

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